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I Love You. Thank You.

Somehow, I feel like there have been fewer and fewer Filipino movies made that tackle same-sex relationships. Gone were the days that independent film outlets kept spewing gay indie films left and right. There were a lot of great films released, scattered among the not so good ones.

My favorite “gay” film last year was Dagitab. But that film was more about internal battles of the characters, one of them happened to be gay. Last year’s “Kasal” was supposedly good according to reviews but I didn’t like it.

That’s why I am excited to see “I Love You. Thank You.” this Friday at UP Diliman. The movie tells the lives of four men and their stories of unrequited love.

The film stars Joross Gamboa, CJ Reyes, Prince Stefan and Ae Pattawan, and directed by Charliebebs Gohetia.

I’ll let you know what I think about the film after I see it on Friday.

To reserve tickets to the Friday (8pm) screening at UP Diliman’s Cine Adarna, text Aje (09168694288) your full name and quantity of tickets to be reserved. Ticket price is PhP150.00.

In a Good Place

I am in a good place right now, I think. I’ve finally gotten over the drama of liking someone who was so afraid to hurt me and ended up not telling things to me straight. I’d like to think I’m mature enough to handle rejection. I just wished he told me straight up.

My ex-partner and I are in a good place. I won’t go as far as saying that we are really friends, but I think we’ve put our past behind. I’m still not losing hope though that we can become friends. I still sometimes recall our fond memories. But that’s that — memories. Last week, he briefly met the person I am dating and I didn’t sense anything other than disinterest — which I thought was a good thing. Ha. At least he wasn’t mad or something. (Hi ex, if what I said here is wrong, feel free to Viber me. :P)

UPDATE: So the ex Viber-ed me and said that he was hurt that I think we’re not friends. So okay, we are friends. I’ll just categorize him as my bitchy friend. LOL

So, yeah…I’m dating again. Which, for most people, is kind of fast and crazy. Here’s why:

  • Fast because my last relationship ended exactly three months ago. And then I dated shortly after that (refer to paragraph 1), which ended more than a month ago. And now I am dating again, exclusively, for a couple of weeks now; and,
  • Crazy because the guy I’m dating now and I used to date the same guy. Crazy, right? :)

But I am in a good place now. I can say that I am happy. But I also really want to take things slow. Just so I can make sure that I am okay. I don’t want to rush into things. I am really enjoying where we are now. I can see things progress and I don’t want to spoil it by being too fast.

This has been my favorite song for more than a week now:

Good morning!

History is made! US Supreme Court Rules Same-Sex Marriage is a Right

With a 5-4 vote, the United States Supreme Court makes same-sex marriage legal across the whole country. 

Read more about this historic decision here:

Hindi Lang Ikaw ang Marunong Tumawa

(Originally posted on Mga Akda ng Puso)
Nang minsang magkita tayo, sinabi mong tumataba ako

Na tila ba ikinain ko lahat ng lungkot sa aking puso,
Na kesyo kailangan kong magpapayat dahil papangit ako.
Kapag ginawa ko ba ‘yun, ako na ang pipiliin mo gago?
Sinabi mong makakalimutan ko rin lahat ng mga sakit na idinulot mo.
E kung hindi ka rin pala isa’t kalahating manloloko,
Sinabi mong may pag-asa ako pero kinabukasan, iba na ang kayakap mo.
Ano bang tingin mo sa lahat ng taong nagkakagusto sa’yo?
Na handa silang magpakatanga para sa isang tulad mo?
Sa isang tulad mo na mas importante pang mukha kang mabango.
Sa isang tulad mo na di pinansin lahat ng aking mga isinakripisyo.
Sa isang tulad mo na kulang na lang, sa kakatanggi mo sa akin ay mapugot ang iyong ulo.
Pwes, ito lang ang masasabi ko sa’yo: tang ina mo.
Hindi lang ikaw ang marunong tumawa.
Hindi lang ikaw ang makakapagsabing masaya ka.
Hindi lang ikaw ang kayang mahalin ng iba.
At mas lalong hindi lang ikaw ang kayang lumigaya.
Tang ina ka.